Our mission is to create immediate and lasting relief, and help people move toward a pain free life

Soothing, CBD topical pain cream

Soothing, CBD topical pain cream; formulated by doctors and nano amplified to maximize therapeutic potential. Prana muscle and joint relief cream was specifically designed to do more than other topicals on the market that get trapped in the upper levels of the skin – the CBD infused menthol blend of Prana works deep underneath the skin to create immediate and lasting pain relief from aching muscles and joints.

About Prana

Prana was founded by a group of innovative entrepreneurs, athletes and doctors who joined together to create a pain cream that has both immediate and long lasting effects. Backed by a team of R&D experts, Prana uses nano amplified CBD to ensure higher bioavailability for its users. Settling deep underneath the skin, Prana works to alleviate pain from the source.

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