Frequently Asked Questions

Our cream has been designed to provide relief for sore muscles and joints. Our customers may experience reduced pain, inflammation and increased range of motion after applying our product to sore muscles or joints.
Our blend of CBD, Essential Oils and Menthol offers an incredible feeling when applied. The menthol instantly cools the skin and our nano amplified technology helps the CBD and essential oils seep below the first layer of skin and into the actual joint or muscle. It is also time released so first you will feel a nice cooling effect followed by a long lasting feeling of relief.
Yes, Prana is available for wholesale and is within the “Elevated Essentials” Distribution platform. For more info on wholesale opportunities fill out the “Wholesale Form” on the bottom of the website.
Generally our lotion is a very safe product and has been formulated to not bother sensitive skin. Our cream should never be applied to open skin or any type of wound. Also Prana cream should only be used topically, do not ever ingest the cream.
Yes, Prana was made in a certified lab by some of the best doctors in the entire CBD space. Every batch is lab tested for quality. Also COAs are available at the bottom of the page when you click the button that says “COAs”.